Myself Identity : Voices from Hong Kong l 2019

Myself Identity : Voices from Hong Kong
Myself Identity : 홍콩의 목소리 [한글자막]
Myself Identity [Live ver.]

The live was at 인동소극장, Wonju on October 11th, 2019.
Performers : Jacklin Ramirez [DJ], Crazy Radio [VJ]

Myself Identity - Trailer

In July 2019, I went to Hong Kong. And I’ve interviewed my friend, Stella about anti-government protest and her own feelings on the issue. And I also met some young Hong Kongese on the streets of the city and I could hear their thoughts and feelings. After coming back to Korea, I put together their voices with the footages that I recorded there.

Hong Kong seems to be losing its identity. But What I’ve seen there was them struggling in trying to find the right direction to go. Every time I go to Hong Kong, I feel very cold in this city because people are busy and they all look distracted. But at the same time, I feel familiar as well. Because vey often, I’m confused about the direction my own life is taking just like them.

Directed and Edited by Crazy Radio (
Original Music by Jacklin Ramirez
Animation by melancholy (
Illustration by Lee Suyun (
Korean Subtitles by Maverick
Voices by Stella, Lim Natalie Rachel, Kenny Kan, Chan Hoi Hing, Roy, Two unidentified citizens

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