About Crazy Radio​

Annyeng! I’m a videographer and VJ based in South Korea going by the nickname of Crazy Radio. I’ve been working in different fields of videography like music videos, live visuals, documentary films and travel videos. And I have a deep passion for videos, music and traveling. Currently, I’m focusing on and learning motion graphics and visuals based on electronic music. I’m also constantly looking for various projects all around the World where I can meet motivation, adventures and growth.

The meaning of Crazy Radio​

This is the story of how I made my videographer name. Actually, It almost has no meaning. I used to play in a music band as a guitarist and I made my own punk rock song for the first time which I called ‘Crazy Radio’. Years later, I started making some videos on my own like music videos and documentary films. I just wanted to keep using ‘Crazy Radio’ as his artist nickname. Take a look at the logo: there is a skull and bones, which are kind of the symbol of punk music like my first song. I still like the punk culture, so I put something related in the logo.

Ready to

I’d love to explore the World in new ways! If you’re interested in my work and have some ideas, just contact me. 

Email: imuze7@me.com
Instagram: instagram.com/crazy.radio.film/
PhoneFacebook: facebook.com/CrazyRadioFilm/
: +821034512534